We Offer Solar Energy, HVAC Repair, Energy Audits, and More. Stop Wasting Money on Your Home Energy Bills!

Apex Home Energy Savings helps homeowners get the most savings on their energy costs by reducing heating and cooling bills and then actually producing energy with professional solar energy packages. Starting with a FREE Home Energy Audit, we will tell you where you will improve the energy efficiency of your home in Granbury. To do this Apex Home Energy Savings provides the most efficient air conditioning and heating systems, attic insulation, air duct cleaning, windows and doors, water heaters and the best warranty in the industry. All of this is followed by a custom certified, professional solar package installation to let you start PRODUCING your own electricity!

Whatever your needs might be, Apex Home Energy Savings will help you find the best solution to reduce your energy usage and save you money. Call us today to schedule your free energy audit and ask about qualifying for a significant tax credit for being more energy efficient!