1. Residential HVAC Maintenance Action Plan

    Apex Home Energy Savings is proud to offer the ultimate residential HVAC maintenance action plan—coverage for your home heating and air conditioning systems. You can think of the maintenance action plan as an HVAC VIP maintenance and repair membership! The plan includes two annual 21 point inspect…Read More

  2. What is a Home Energy Audit?

    A home energy audit is exactly what it sounds like- an assessment of how your home consumes and uses energy. It is the home energy audit that is the first step in determining which home projects will be most cost-effective and which ones are frivolous. No one likes spending hundreds of dollars on ut…Read More

  3. How Your Basement Affects Home Energy Efficiency

    In our previous article, How Your Attic Affects Home Energy Efficiency we discussed how an attic affects home energy usage. In this next part of the series, we will discuss another commonly overlooked area of your home that affects energy efficiency, the basement. Typically, people don’t concern …Read More

  4. How Radiant Barriers Affects Your Home Energy Efficiency

    Radiant barriers are materials installed into a home during the insulation process to prevent the conduction of heat. They help to maintain temperatures in your home, year-round but are of particular importance in the heat of summer. A radiant barrier- in the short version- is a shiny, flexible mate…Read More

  5. How to Insulate Your Attic

    If you had a home energy audit conducted and it revealed that your attic is stealing the heating and cooling from the living area of your home and trapping it, one of the quickest fixes is to insulate your attic. Insulating your attic is a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The ta…Read More

  6. How Your Attic Affects Home Energy Efficiency

    Every inch of your home affects your home's energy usage and efficiency. Commonly overlooked areas that are heavy players in home efficiency are the attic and the basement. In terms of home energy, these areas are often overlooked because we don’t concern ourselves with heating and cooling them th…Read More

  7. Why is Your Heating System Always Running?

    The temperature outside has begun to drop overnight, to the point that perhaps your family requires a little warmed air to help keep them comfortable. If your residential heating system is working properly, when your house hits your desired cozy temperature, your heating system should stop running. …Read More

  8. Why Energy Efficient Windows are Worth the Investment

    Windows provide light and create natural warmth in our homes, but if your windows are not functioning properly, they can actually negatively impact your home energy costs. Windows that allow the outside cold air into your home are having the opposite of the desired effect. Installing energy efficien…Read More

  9. How to Heat Your Home with Solar Energy this Winter

    Heating your home with solar energy is no longer a theme of a science fiction movie. Energy efficient homes are able to harness the power of the sun to provide cost-effective renewable energy to heat and cool your home. If you own an older home, it may not be "solar power friendly," but fret now, yo…Read More