1. A Brief History of Solar Energy

    Solar energy is not new. Its use spans back to as early as the 7th century B.C. The concentration of the sun’s rays using a magnifying glass is one of the first recorded instances of “solar energy.” Furthermore, solar energy technology has consistently advanced throughout the years until now. …Read More

  2. How To Keep Cool In The Texas Heat

    If you’ve lived in Texas, you understand that humid, hot, and San Antonio are synonymous with one another. What’s more, it can feel like your health is at risk every day the summer temperatures exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit. At Apex Home Energy Savings in San Antonio, we want to help you stay coo…Read More

  3. How To Choose The Best Solar Energy Installer in Granbury

    If you’ve made the decision to make the switch to solar power, than you need to know how to choose the best solar energy installer in Granbury. It can be daunting to go online and search “solar power company” and get tens-of-thousands, if not millions, of results. How do you choose which one t…Read More

  4. 7 HVAC Scams To Avoid

    At Apex Home Energy Savings in Granbury, we don’t like to hear when those in our community fall victim to HVAC scams. An air conditioning repair call that turns into a con is unnerving. It’s a terrible tragedy, and we want to do something to help. Our focus as a company is to use our extensive e…Read More

  5. 7 Times You Should Call a Plumber Right Away

    If you have ever found yourself asking, “Should I call a plumber when (insert plumbing disaster)?” then we are here to help. While there are situations where you can procrastinate a call to the pros, there are other scenarios in which timely action is key. As your local plumbing company, we have…Read More

  6. Why You Need a Professional Electrician When Adding New Lighting

    When it comes to improving your home’s lighting system, there is no better team to call than ours. As your trusted Granbury electrician, we can help you upgrade your home’s lighting system. Whether you want to install new lights for your outdoor patio or you are hoping to implement a better ligh…Read More

  7. How Solar Energy Can Help a Growing Family

    Let’s face it — the more people you have living in your home, the higher your monthly energy bill gets. Whether you are planning on adding more kids to your family or you are inviting other relatives into your home, lowering your energy costs is a high priority. If you want to keep your energy c…Read More

  8. Top Ways to Save on Cooling Costs during Hot Summer Days

    Here in Granbury, we are no stranger to hot summer temperatures. When the heat of summer is in full-swing, it can start to feel like there is no hope for keeping your energy costs low. Running your air conditioning at full blast can take its toll on your electricity bill, but, conversely, not keepin…Read More

  9. Residential HVAC Maintenance Action Plan

    Apex Home Energy Savings is proud to offer the ultimate residential HVAC maintenance action plan—coverage for your home heating and air conditioning systems. You can think of the maintenance action plan as an HVAC VIP maintenance and repair membership! The plan includes two annual 21 point inspect…Read More