While a good chunk of the winter has passed, the cold weather isn’t entirely beyond us. Here in Granbury, cold weather isn’t something that we’re built to handle.  It’s the dead of winter and the beginning of spring that we rely on our furnace and water heater the most. It’s also this time of the year where the last thing that you want to deal with is a heater that’s not up to the job.

The team at Apex Home Energy Savings has been fortunate enough to provide individuals in the Granbury and surrounding area with the energy efficiency guidance and assistance that they need. In today’s blog, we’re going to touch on some of the most common heater and furnace problems that homeowners struggle with. Keep reading so that you know what to look out for in the months to come.

Troubles With the Ignition System

While old furnace systems required you to light the pilot of the furnace, newer furnaces run on an ignition system. When the ignition system of your furnace isn’t working as intended, it’s safe to say that your furnace is also going to have some troubles. This system is designed to use electricity to make a spark and start the burners only when you need the furnace.

The most beneficial part of this system is that it saves a lot of energy by only burning when you’re needing the furnace. However, when the ignition system doesn’t work as it’s intended to, you don’t get the chance to enjoy heat at all. In the case that your heat isn’t turning on or you’re struggling to get your heater to turn on, it could be your ignition system causing the problem.

Signs of Failing Ignition Switch:

  • Limited Heat
  • No Heat At All
  • Older Furnace

Short Cycling

Another common reason that our team is called out to help with furnaces is because of short cycling. This is when a furnace is turning on and off more frequently than it needs to. We just touched on the electric ignition system that most furnaces have now and how they are designed to provide a more energy efficient option. However, when furnaces are short cycling, they wind up wasting energy.

There are a few different reasons that short cycling could occur in a furnace. From the moment that a furnace is installed, size and quality of installation play a significant part in how well the furnace works. If there was a mistake made in the sizing or installation, this could be why short cycling is happening.

Signs of Short Cycling:

  • Dirty Air FIlters
  • Limited Heat
  • Heightened Energy Bills

Lack of Maintenance

Your furnace and heater are designed to provide your home with warmth when the temperatures in Granbury are too cold to handle. While they go out of sight out of mind for a majority of the year, they still require routine maintenance in order to do adequately do their job. As with many parts of your home, your furnace and HVAC system both need routine maintenance to function correctly.

From cleaning and replacing air filters to ensuring that your furnace is up to date, maintenance is one of the most affordable and best ways for you to care for these critical components of your home. All too often we are called to repairs that occurred simply because the furnace hadn’t been looked at or had a filter replaced in too long. Avoid these problems off the bat by scheduling your routine maintenance early on.

Signs of Lack of Maintenance:

  • Dirty Air Filters
  • Short Cycling Without Recognition
  • Poor Functionality of Furnace & HVAC

Schedule Your Services

Having to repair your HVAC system or furnace when you need them the most is the last thing that we want for you. The best way to ensure that you don’t need to schedule a replacement is by staying on top of your repairs, and the best way to do that is by making a note of any and all signs and signals that your furnace is giving you. Do your best to always be proactive!

When you’re in need of HVAC repairs, Apex Home Energy Savings is the one company that you can count on to provide you with quality results that also take your energy consumption into account. Contact our team today to schedule any heater or furnace repairs that you need or to inquire more about the energy audits that we offer.