Keeping your home cool doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Fighting the heat can get expensive, especially here in Granbury, where we only get a slight respite from the heat during the coldest month or two of the year. However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to stay cool, even in Texas, and the experts at Apex Home Energy Savings are here to help. The following is a list of tips to help you save money while staying cool.

#1. Get rid of excess moisture.

Contrary to popular belief, air conditioners don’t keep your home cool by solely forcing out cool air. The other very important aspect of cooling your home efficiently is dehumidification. Air that is humid retains more heat than air that is dry. Though most air conditioners will automatically dehumidify as they cool, not all units are made equal. If your system doesn’t dehumidify, then it doesn’t work as effectively as it could. In this case, your best bet may be to invest in a whole new system, but another option may be to purchase a separate dehumidifier.

#2. Keep the lights off when you’re not using them.

Not only does leaving the lights on when you’re not using them waste energy, but those lights are also generating heat that put extra pressure on your air conditioner. Some light bulbs generate heat more than others. Incandescent bulbs and CFLs, for example, generate much more heat than LEDs do. By switching to LEDs, you could save more on your energy all the time, even when your lights are on.

#3. Reduce heat gain in your home.

When the sun is beating down on your home, it can cause heat to start to build up inside of it. Luckily, there are many things you can do to combat this excess heat gain, including:

  • Install radiant barrier insulation- Radiant barrier insulation goes one step further than regular insulation in reducing heat gain. Radiant barriers are made with materials that are highly reflective, so heat is reflected from your home instead of absorbed into it.
  • Upgrade to new windows – Windows are another common source of heat gain in a typical home, but window technology has come a long way, and there are now windows that can reduce heat gain without degrading the visible light in your home. By upgrading your windows to dual-pane windows that have low-E coatings, you could save as much as 38 percent on your cooling costs.
  • Maximize your landscaping – Believe it or not, your landscape can play a huge role in reducing heat gain in your home. A few, well-placed trees can help to provide shade to and reduce heat gain in your home.

#4. Make sure your ceiling fans rotate counter-clockwise.

Ceiling fans can make a big impact on keeping your home cooler, but you need to ensure that your ceiling fans are rotating in the right direction. When your ceiling fans rotate counter-clockwise, it pulls the warm air up and away from you, which will make you feel cooler.

#5. Avoid using your stove and oven.

Although the stove and oven are probably the most commonly used cooking appliances, they can also generate quite a lot of heat. The best way to cook without generating an excessive amount of heat is to cook outside, but if you are cooking inside, use a slow cooker, an electric skillet or a microwave as much as possible to reduce the need to turn on the stove or the oven.

As you can see, keeping your home cool and comfortable doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Want to save even more on cooling your home? At Apex Home Energy Savings, we offer air conditioning repair, maintenance and replacements, and we specialize in helping homeowners in Granbury save more energy. Contact us today to learn more.