If you’ve lived in Texas, you understand that humid, hot, and San Antonio are synonymous with one another. What’s more, it can feel like your health is at risk every day the summer temperatures exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit. At Apex Home Energy Savings in San Antonio, we want to help you stay cool this summer. One huge way is to make sure your AC unit is functioning properly. If it’s making weird noises, smells funny, or simply won’t blow cold air, you may need to call us for air conditioning repair services.

In this post, we share seven ways to keep cool this summer. Remember, the best way to enjoy the Texas heat is responsibly. Stay hydrated, take frequent breaks from the sunshine, and listen to your body when it says it’s time to cool off. Make sure and apply sunscreen more than once to keep your skin protected, too. At Apex, we care about our community, and we want you to stay safe while you enjoy the summer months!

Seven Ways To Keep Cool

When you see the ever rising temperatures in San Antonio, the digits can look like an MLB pitcher’s fastball or the total score for a basketball game. The numbers hit and exceed 90, 95, 100-plus. So how do you stay cool in the scorching heat and suffocating humidity? Here are seven ways:

Tip #1 – Visit The Water Park

San Antonio has plenty of options when it comes to water parks. Locations like Schlitterbahn, Six Flags, Splashtown, and more. Remember to reapply sunscreen frequently, drink plenty of water, and take frequent breaks from being in the sun. 

Tip #2 – Enjoy A Pool

Whether you, a friend, or the community has a pool, go enjoy it. Similar to the water park, though, apply sunscreen frequently, drink plenty of water, and take frequent breaks. Although you’re cooling off, the heat of the sun can cause dehydration and worse issues if you are in it for too long.

Tip #3 – Find Some Shade

You can find shade almost anywhere there is a park or a collection of buildings. If you get lucky, you’ll find shade that offers a nice breeze. The shade is usually a few degrees cooler and protects you from the ever-present sunshine that graces San Antonio.

Tip #4 – Go Early or Stay Late

For some, outdoor activities are a luxury. For others, spending time outdoors is mandatory for their life to be complete. If this is the case, combat the heat by getting your activities like running, biking, or exercise early—preferably before the sun rises. Can’t make it out early? Wait until the sun sets, and take advantage of the receding dusk temperatures. The hottest times of the day, typically, are between two in the afternoon and thirty minutes before sunset.
Avoid these hours if you can to stay cooler while you’re outdoors.

Tip #5 – Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

We cannot say this enough: hydrate. If you spend any amount of time outdoors, whether it be for a casual walk or for intense exercise, you need to stay hydrated. Drink water, eat water-dense foods, and take frequent breaks out of the sun. To stay cool during the San Antonio summer, you have to be proactive with your hydration.

Tip #6 – Wear Lighter Clothing

Take stock of the type of clothing you’re wearing while outside. Is it 100 percent cotton and thick? Consider finding lightweight, breathable clothing for your outdoor activities. The easier it is for your body to cool off, the better it is for your health.

Tip #7 – Let Your Body Sweat

It’s common to wipe sweat off our skin. We see professional athletes do it all the time during games and on commercials; however, it’s best to leave your sweat alone. Sweat is one way your body works to keep cool. Wiping your sweat away causes your body to work harder to cool off. Instead, dab your skin with a moist, cool towel to help the cooling process.

Bonus Tip – Stay Indoors and Enjoy Cold Air

At Apex Home Energy Savings, we encourage those who love to get outside to enjoy the sunshine but to enjoy it responsibly. If you prefer to stay home, make sure your air conditioner is working properly. You shouldn’t have to lay on your kitchen floor with three fans blowing air at you to stay cool. Your AC unit should run properly.

Air Conditioning Repair Experts in San Antonio

If you can’t stay home during the high heat in San Antonio, it may be time to contact us for air conditioning repair services. Don’t suffer through another hot summer. Apex is here to help keep you cool. Let us inspect and fix your air conditioner so you can get back to enjoying your favorite indoor activities.