Energy conservation is something that homeowners and business owners alike strive to do. Whether it’s your consciousness in regards to the footprint you leave on the planet, or you’re simply looking for ways to cut costs where you can, energy conservation has endless benefits.

Here at Apex Home Energy Savings, we are passionate about providing individuals in the Arlington area with the knowledge, resources, and services that they need to make a change in regards to their energy consumption. The first step that needs to be made is an energy audit.

In today’s blog post we’re going to cover a few of the benefits of scheduling an energy audit. If you’ve been on the fence about scheduling an audit or working with our team, keep reading! Here are just a few of the benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you work with our team.

Lower Energy Bills

Let’s start with one of the most obvious benefits and common reasons that people schedule an energy audit: you save money. While your bills may be manageable, why wouldn’t you do whatever you could to save money when possible? An energy audit can provide you with insight on the areas of your home or business where you are currently wasting energy.

From your heating and cooling system to the lights in every room, your electric bill factors in quite a bit. Our team can help lower the cost of your electric bill by showing you which parts of your home are wasting energy and telling you how you can fix them. Sometimes it’s something as little as a quick fix while other times it’s introducing you to more significant options like solar panels.

With an energy audit, you will have more knowledge so that you can optimize efficiency in your home and lower your bills in the future.

Bring Problems to the Surface

Owning a home is no easy task. While purchasing a home is a great accomplishment, very few people will brag about the hard, endless work that goes into it. Even when you’ve spent days on days working on improving your home, there’s always something else to do. It’s when issues start to pile up that you become blind to some of the problems in your home that are costing you money.

A major perk to scheduling an energy audit is that problems you may not have noticed will be brought to the surface. An example of this that we get to experience quite often is the quality and condition of windows. Windows are an expensive investment to have to make, and they so often seem like a part of your home that if not broken, why fix them? Though that may seem like the case, windows are also one of the pieces of a house that often contribute to inefficiency.

When we conduct an audit, we get to look at the small details of your home or business. In this time we can bring problems that you may not have been aware of to the surface. Though that may seem like a downfall because of the extra work you might have to do, getting these problems taken care of is going to be great for your home in the long-run.

Protect the Environment

Another obvious benefit to investing in an energy audit is being able to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. While it may seem like your home plays a small part in the world’s problems, it has been shown that 16 percent of greenhouse gases that are generated in the U.S. are from residential homes. Even the smallest changes and improvements in a home can make a big difference, so it’s always worth looking into.

Our team focuses on the ways that your home is losing energy and making up for it by creating more, but we also strive to inform and provide our clients with information, guidance, and services that allow for them to be more conscious of their energy consumption.

One of the more advanced options that we love to talk about is solar panels. These are an energy conscious investment that pays themselves off and adds value to the home, but not very many people know about them. Lack of knowledge should not be the reason that your home is lacking efficiency — at the very least, schedule an appointment to learn more about how you could be energy conscious.

Schedule Your Energy Audit

Now that you have a glimpse of all the ways that you’ll benefit from an energy audit, it’s time to commit and schedule yours! Apex Home Energy Savings is happy to provide so many residents of the Arlington area with the solutions that they need to save money and increase energy efficiency. If you’re ready to start enhancing the efficiency of your home, start by making the first step and contacting our team. We make the entire process extremely easy and will be happy to guide you into a future that is conscious of energy consumption.