If you have old, outdated windows in your home, you are probably wasting more energy than you think.

When it comes to energy efficiency, your windows are probably the last thing you think about. However, old and outdated windows are one of the main things we look for in our energy audits in Granbury because they can waste so much energy. How exactly do these old windows waste so much energy? Here are a few of the main ways they waste energy:

#1. Air Leaks

If you have old windows, the conditioned air in your home could be leaking into the air outside. This is because the caulking and sealing on your window frames can become dry, brittle and cracked over the years, leading to air leaks.

#2. Single Panes

Many older windows are made with just a single pane of glass. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do much in the way of energy efficiency, and it can lead to major heat loss during the colder seasons.

#3. Heat Transfer

When the sun is beating down on your windows, you are likely to experience an increase in the temperature in your home. However, never windows are made with a film that prevents heat and UV rays from entering your home. Not only will this keep your home more comfortable, it will also protect your possessions, such as curtains, carpet and artwork, from fading due to UV exposure.

As you can see, old windows waste lots of energy. Energy savings is just one of the many benefits of installing new windows, and in our next blog, the experts at Apex Home Energy Savings will be going over a few more of those benefits.

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