Energy savings is just one of the many benefits of installing new windows in your home.

We all want to save energy in our homes, and replacing your old windows with new, more efficient models is a great way to do just that. However, saving energy isn’t the only reason to replace your windows, because window replacement is beneficial in many ways. In our previous blog, we went over several of the benefits of window replacement in your San Antonio home. Here are a few more benefits you’ll experience with replacement windows:

#5. They increase security.

Not only are older windows inefficient, they also have outdated locking mechanisms that can easily be broken into. Replacing your old windows with more secure windows can help to increase the security in your entire home. Additionally, some newer windows even come with Wi-Fi enabled film that automatically fogs up the glass at the push of a button, making it difficult for others to see inside your home and increasing your privacy.

#6. They protect your possessions from UV damage.

Did you know that the UV rays coming through your windows can actually damage some of your possessions? UV rays can lead to fading and wear on your carpet, wood floors, wall paint, artwork and even photographs. Newer windows, however, come with a coating that helps to prevent UV damage, which can increase the life of your possessions and prevent you from having to recarpet or repaint the interior of your home prematurely.

#7. They are easier to maintain.

Many of us don’t keep up on cleaning our windows like we should, and unfortunately, this can cause trouble for your windows. Did you know that if you don’t keep your windows clean, the dust and grime can actually cause irreversible damage? Luckily, newer windows are much easier to maintain, and many of them even come with easy-clean features that minimize cleaning requirements.

#8. They increase safety.

Do you have trouble opening the older windows in your home? If so, this is actually a fire hazard, and your old windows need to be replaced with newer ones. Additionally, tempered glass, found in newer windows, is designed to break into granular chunks rather than jagged shards, which reduces injury in case the glass gets broken accidentally.

Are you ready to start experiencing the benefits of window replacement? If so, schedule your free home energy audit with Apex Home Energy Savings today. In addition to determining if your windows need to be replaced, we will identify all of the areas in your home that are inefficient — all at no cost to you.