Solar energy is truly a wonderful thing, and there are many ways you can save big on solar energy in Texas.

Many people would love to save more every month with solar energy, and although the price of solar has dropped dramatically over the past few years, it is still beyond the budgets of some people. However, with rebates, tax credits and other incentives, solar power is a much more affordable option for many people. Here are a few of the incentives you could take advantage in Helotes:

#1. The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

This is a tax credit that was established in 2015, and it applies to solar power systems, solar water heating systems and fuel cells. Any taxpayer who has a system that serves their residence in the United States can claim a credit of up to 30 percent of their qualified expenditures.

#2. Energy Rebates

Texas offers many different state rebates to help you save on solar. Many of these rebates require you to fill out paperwork, but the company that installs your solar panels can often complete this paperwork for you. Talk to the experts at Apex Home Energy Savings to find out which energy rebates you qualify for.

#3. Property Tax Exemptions

Solar power systems have the potential to add value to your property, but with property tax exemptions in Texas, you could exclude the added value of the system in your taxes. Property tax exemptions help to make the cost of installing a solar system more feasible for many families in Texas.

There are so many benefits to going solar, and with so many cost-cutting incentives and programs, taking advantage of those benefits  is more affordable than ever before. Find out how you can save and if solar is right for your home by contacting the experts at Apex Home Energy Savings today.