If you have ever found yourself asking, “Should I call a plumber when (insert plumbing disaster)?” then we are here to help. While there are situations where you can procrastinate a call to the pros, there are other scenarios in which timely action is key. As your local plumbing company, we have seen it all when it comes to plumbing fiascos. From small issues that go undetected and lead to bigger issues to major plumbing overhauls, we have experience with projects both large and small.

Next time you find yourself wondering whether or not you should pick up the phone and call a plumber in Granbury, keep the following list in mind of the top times you should call a plumber right away.

#1: A Pipe Has Burst

One of the top reasons you should call a plumber immediately is when you have a pipe that bursts. A pipe that has broken will put your home at risk for flooding and can cause severe damage to the structure as a whole. As soon as you notice a weakened pipe, give our team a call. If possible, turn off the water to your home while you wait for a plumber to arrive. You can utilize the main water shut-off valve to cut off the supply of water to your whole house. The location of your main shut-off valve will vary depending on your home. It could be anywhere from your basement to the front corner of your property. If you are uncertain, ask your plumber to show you where this important safety feature is for your home.

#2: Your Water Pressure Is Low

Is your water pressure not what it once was? Do you stand under a trickle in the shower? When your water pressure is low, it can be due to something as minor as a clogged shower head or as major as a slow leak in your walls. The best thing to do when you notice low water pressure is to give a professional plumber a call. A plumber can work to diagnose the issue, which can save you countless dollars in damage if the low pressure is due to an undetected leak in your home’s walls.

#3: Your Sewage Is Backing Up

One of the more unpleasant items on the list, if you notice that sewage is backing up into your sinks, bathtubs, or showers, it could be due to a major issue with your plumbing lines. Leaving this unattended is not only unpleasant for everyone in the home, it can lead to damages to your property if the sewage continues to overflow. At the first sign or smell of trouble, give a professional plumber a call.

#4: Your Water Won’t Turn Off

If you have turned off a faucet anywhere in your home and the water won’t stop flowing, you should call in a professional right away. While you wait for a plumber to arrive, try to shut off the main water valve to your home to prevent the water from overflowing.

Perhaps your hot water suddenly started spewing forth from your kitchen sink or you tried to shut off your shower and water continues to reign down, whatever the case a professional plumber can get to the root of the problem. Leaving running water will not only cost you a pretty penny on your next utility bill but it can also lead to flooding and damage to your home.

#5: Your DIY Project Went Awry

Did you try to install a new toilet and now you are starting at a broken pipe and water is flooding your home? Was your grand plan of installing a new garbage disposal put to an end when you wound up with a leaking sink? Whatever your great DIY project was, when it doesn’t go as planned, it is best to call in a professional plumber. While small plumbing projects, such as changing out a toilet flapper might be in your wheelhouse, it is wisest to leave the big projects to the pros. Contact a plumber before you ever start any major plumbing renovation to your home.

#6: You Hear Ghostly Running Water

Do you hear water in your pipes when no one is using anything water related in your home? This ghostly sound is probably due to a leak in your plumbing system. As soon as you first hear running water with no idea where it is deriving from, give your plumber a call. The longer you leave a leak in your plumbing system, the more likely you are to damage other components of your home.

#7: Your Drains Are Gurgling

Another sound that should serve as a warning bell is a gurgling drain. When your drains start to make any sort of strange noise, it is a good indicator that trouble is headed your way. Your plumber can catch the issue early on, prevent you from a backed up plumbing system or a middle-of-the-night disaster. When you hear the first gurgle, pick up the phone and call in the pros.

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