When it comes to your garbage disposal, the name might lead you to believe that just like your trash bin, it can handle anything you throw in there. However, just because the name sounds like it will dispose of any item you put into it, doesn’t actually mean it will. In fact, there are a number of things that you should never put down your garbage disposal, and a few of them might just surprise you. As your local Granbury plumber, we have been called to many homes when garbage disposals back up, break, or otherwise fail. In many of those cases, the issue could have been avoided through the proper use of the disposal.

Check out these key items you should avoid putting down your garbage disposal, and as always, give us a call if you need help with repairs.

Rice, Pasta, And “Growing” Items

As you look around your kitchen, consider what foods you have that “grow” when soaked in water. Pasta, rice, oats, and other such items expand as they soak up liquid. For this reason, it isn’t a great idea to put them down your garbage disposal. While you can get away with a small particle of pasta or rice here and there, large amounts of these items can cause quite the build up in your disposal.

When you are cleaning a pot, pan, or other dishes with these clingy items, opt to scrape them off over a trashcan first. By getting rid of the majority of the food, you can prevent major clogs.

Hot Grease

Pouring hot grease down a drain is always a bad idea and pouring it down your garbage disposal is no better. While it will easily go into your garbage disposal, it won’t so easily leave. When you put grease in your disposal, it will coagulate there and cause other items to become trapped as well. This will prevent you from being able to properly run the disposal and overtime, the extra strain can wind up destroying your disposal’s motor.

Instead of pouring grease down your disposal, carefully transfer hot grease into an empty can. This will allow you to throw away the grease without any issue.

Pits, Seeds, And Rock-Like Items

After pitting your delicious avocado, do you casually throw the pit into your garbage disposal? If so, you might be in for a world of trouble. Any sort of pits or seeds will not be easily broken down by your garbage disposal. A good rule of thumb to ask yourself is “does this item resemble a small rock or pebble?”

Rock-like items cannot be handled by the blades of your disposal. What usually happens is that the blade will strike the pit, pierce it enough to get stuck on the item, and then jam the disposal.


Perhaps you just ate a great plate of ribs or maybe you just polished off some game-day wings. Whatever the case, don’t throw those bones into your garbage disposal. Similar to the pits and seeds mentioned above, bones are too strong for your disposal to handle. They will simply get trapped between the blades and freeze up the whole system.

Always dispose of bones in a trash can. They are harmful to your disposal and can also be a choking hazard for pets.

Fibrous Vegetables

Remember the last time you bit into a piece of celery and all the little stringy fibers got stuck in your teeth? In a similar way, fibrous vegetables, such as celery, can get tangled up on your garbage disposals blades. Over the course of time, more and more of the fibers can wrap around the blades, which eventually will render the blades ineffective or so tangled that they jam.

Toss any questionable vegetables into your compost bin instead.

Actual Trash

This one might seem like it should go without saying, but in some cases, a plumber arrives at the scene to find that wrappers, paper towels, napkins, or other trash items have been thrown into the garbage disposal. The name might lead you to believe that garbage is what your disposal was created for but, in actuality, any of these trash related items won’t break down properly. Stick to throwing away actual trash in a garbage receptacle.

Contact Our Team For Help

Have you committed any of these garbage disposal faux pas? If so, don’t panic, we can help. Contact your local Granbury plumber for assistance remedying the situation. From cleaning clogged pipes to installing a new garbage disposal motor, we can help you get your kitchen sink back into working order in no time at all. Our plumbing team has years of experience under our belt. You can count on us for expertise and affordable repairs. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to plumbing services at any time you need them. Contact us night or day for plumbing repairs.