Conserving energy is a great goal to have both as a homeowner and a business owner. Many people believe that it requires significant changes like switching to solar power or replacing equipment, but the reality is that you can conserve quite a bit of energy through small actions as well. In today’s blog, we’re going to touch on a few of the ways that you can start conserving energy and, in turn, saving some money along the way.

Turning Off the Lights

Leaving the lights on is one of the many ways that we waste energy on a daily basis. A simple way that you can minimize the amount of energy that you’re consuming is by turning off the lights in any room that you’re not in. It’s so easy for us to get in the habit of leaving lights on, but the reality is that leaving them on is not only eating up energy, but it’s costing us money.

With advances in technology, there are lots of opportunities for setting your lights on a timer. Whether it be through a smart technology that ties back to your phone or a timer that is wired within your house, it’s no longer difficult to make sure that you’re not wasting energy by leaving the lights on.

Setting Your Thermostat

Heating and cooling your home is another major way that you’re using up energy on a daily basis. In Granbury, we experience some of the most extreme types of weather, and our HVAC system makes those days bearable. If you’re tired of paying high bills associated with heating or cooling, enhancing the settings of your thermostat could be a great way to conserve energy and reduce cost.

Rather than changing the temperature manually and putting your HVAC system in overdrive, schedule your thermostat so that your HVAC system knows when it needs to be doing the work. You see, when we manually change our thermostat to match our comfort level, our HVAC has to do the extra work to ensure that we’re comfortable. By synchronizing your thermostat schedule with your schedule, you can ensure that your system is only heating and cooling your home when it absolutely needs to.

Shorter Showers

For many, a nice hot shower at the end of a long day is the best way to decompress and relax. While it’s not a horrible way to wind down every now and again, taking long, hot showers on a regular basis is a great way to blow through some energy. When you’ve got a full house of individuals that are needing to shower, and one or more is taking long showers that eat up the hot water, your water heater is doing quite a bit of work — which means it’s using quite a bit of energy.

Whether you need to set a time to stick to showers or you simply decide to keep the long, relaxing showers to a minimum, this is a fantastic way to reduce energy consumption. Your hot water heater will do less work, and you’ll end up saving money in the long-run too.

It’s the Little Things

Our energy consumption happens in the smallest pieces of our daily routine. From bad habits like (leaving the lights on after you’ve left a room) to relaxing showers (that last more than 15 minutes and use up all the hot water), making small shifts in your daily routine can have a considerable effect on the amount of energy that your household is consuming.

Apex Home Energy Savings helps homeowners and business owners alike find energy solutions. From solar panel installation and window replacement to plumbing repairs and HVAC guidance, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you determine how you can optimize your daily routine while saving energy along the way.

Reach out to our team for more information on how you can enhance the efficiency of your Granbury home. A member of our team would be happy to provide you with guidance on a service that could assist you or set you up with a consultation from a member of our team. Until then, check out a few of our previous blog posts touching on energy conservation and remember that even the smallest changes in your day-to-day routine can make a difference.