Are you looking for a great way to lower your company’s energy budget?

It may be time to consider taking advantage of solar energy in your business. Out of all of the renewable energy sources available today, solar energy is one of the most environmentally friendly, and it can help you lower your energy spend on a monthly basis. In addition to saving you money and energy, becoming a more energy efficient company can improve your reputation, as well as the job satisfaction of your employees.

Turn to Apex Home Energy Savings for your commercial solar power system installation in Granbury and the surrounding areas.


If you are considering installing a solar power system on your commercial building in Granbury, there are no better solar panel installation experts than Apex Home Energy Savings. Our incredible team has years of experience where commercial solar design and installation is concerned.

In addition to efficient and effective design and install, we can also assist you with the financial aspects of going solar. We offer many different financing options to fit a variety of budgets, and we also know where to find the highest rebates and best financial incentives. No matter your budget, our team can help you find the right solar solution for your company.

Are solar panels the right energy-saving option for your company? Contact us today to find out!