If your drain is draining slowly, not draining at all, or leaving a stink throughout your home, there’s a very good chance you have a clog that needs to be removed. Trust the professionals at Apex Home Energy Savings to root out your clog and get your drain back in working order. Feel free to call us during business hours, or take advantage of our 24-7 emergency plumbers to prevent a plumbing disaster.

What’s clogging my drain?

Whether it’s a shower drain or a garbage disposal, there are dozens of possible items and substances that can clog your drain:

  • Hair (the most common clogger of shower drains)
  • Lard-based soap
  • Grease and cooking oil
  • Coffee grounds
  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Starchy food scraps (pasta, potatoes, rice)

WARNING: Using Drano or other drain clearing chemicals has negative effects for personal health, environmental health, and plumbing system health. Using chemicals to clear drains can corrode inner linings of pipes, which increases your risk for pipe leaks and water damage. A professional drain clearing service conquers clogs without harmful chemicals so you can protect yourself and the environment, and avoid potential pipe damage.  


Why Choose Apex Home Energy Savings?

Since 1998, Apex Home Energy Savings has eliminated clogs for residents of the Lone Star State. We’ve seen every type of clog in the book — just give us a call during regular business hours, or call our 24/7 plumbers for priority clog removal.

Apex Home Energy Savings is proud to provide clog removal in Granbury and Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio, and Austin. Call your local area number for service today.