Going solar in Arlington has never been easier or more affordable.

If you’ve been waiting for the price of solar energy to drop before you take the plunge and get solar panels installed in your home or commercial building, you’ll be glad to know that the wait is over. The price of solar power has dropped drastically over the past few years, and rates are lower than they’ve ever been. Plus, when you take advantage of the Residential Renewable Energy Tax, you could recoup up to 30 percent of your investment in solar. Whether you need solar for your home or business, there’s never been a better time to go solar.

No matter why you want to go solar, Apex Home Energy Savings can help.

Most people are well aware of the fact that utilizing a solar power system can help you lower your greenhouse gas emissions and do your part for the environment, but the benefits don’t stop there. Solar energy can help you save on your monthly utility bills, increase the value of your home or commercial building, have reliable power all the time (even during blackouts) and it gives you the tools you need to produce your own energy. Regardless of whether you are interested in one of these benefits or all of them, Apex Home Energy Savings can help.

Take the first step towards going solar today.

Before you take the time to figure out how many solar panels you need or how much money you’ll save, you need to determine if going solar is the right option for your home or commercial building, and that’s where Apex Home Energy Savings comes in. Let us help you determine if going solar is right for you. Contact us today.