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The APEX Home Energy Savings solar team uses top-tier solar panels and expert installation methods for maximum solar power and minimum intrusion on your existing roof. You’ll create your own clean power, boost your home’s value, and eliminate your monthly energy bill — that’s the power of solar power. Call your local area APEX number to get started today.

How Solar Saves (And Makes) You Money.

Avoided Costs

By eliminating your monthly energy bill, solar could save you up to $36,000 over the next 25 years. Wouldn’t you rather spend on solar now, then keep thousands in your pocket later?

Tax Incentives

Meeting federal Energy Star standards for energy efficiency could help you write off up to 30 percent of the cost of your solar project.

Increased Property Value

One 3.1kW solar panel could add up to $5,500 to the value of your home. Imagine the value of your home if you added three or four solar panels!


Myths & Facts About Solar Panels

MYTH: “I can’t afford solar panels.”

FACT: Solar panels can certainly be expensive, but they can also pay for themselves (and then some) over time. Plus, there are plenty of financing programs available — some of which that offer zero down — that can make a solar panel system more affordable and feasible for the average Texas homeowner.

MYTH: “Solar panels won’t work when it’s cold or cloudy.”

FACT: This is false for a variety of reasons. First of all, solar panels work at their very best in cold and sunny conditions — the cool weather keeps panels from overheating. So if you live somewhere that’s perpetually sunny (Texas) and also chilly in the winter (Texas), solar energy is a great choice.

In terms of cloudiness, it’s true that sunnier places are better for solar power (obviously). But solar panels are still highly effective at generating solar power in cloud or partly cloudy conditions. Germany, which experiences half as many sunny days as the United States. Has one of the largest solar sectors in the world!

MYTH: “I won’t live in my home long enough to justify solar panels.”

FACT: If you’re planning to move out of your house in the next year or two, then maybe solar panels aren’t the best investment you can make — or are they? Many homeowners in Texas watch their solar energy systems pay for themselves in 5-10 years, and just adding a single 3.1kW solar panel to your home could boost your home’s value by $5,500 or more. Add three of these panels, and you could see a healthy ROI on this project, even if you’re installing solar on your way out the door.

MYTH: “Solar panels will take too much maintenance.”

FACT: Solar panels require little to no maintenance. They’re built to stand up to the elements and be super durable for decades. While it might be useful to have a solar company inspect and perform routine maintenance on your solar panels once a year, you won’t have to do much to keep your solar panels in excellent condition.

Many homeowners think that solar panels will need maintenance to remove snow and fallen leaves, but that usually isn’t a huge issue. Solar panels are angled in a way that allows leaves, snow, hail, and other debris to slide right off — and in the end, rain will take care of any remaining debris to maximize efficiency. There might be a time or two during your two-plus decades of solar panel ownership that you’ll need someone to clear off your panels, but according to the large majority of homeowners, this situation is pretty rare.

MYTH: “Solar power will get much more efficient, so I should wait to buy.”

FACT: FACT: Solar panel technology has been about the same since the 1960s — efficiency improvements over the past 50 years have been incremental at best. You might save a tiny bit of money by waiting 10 years because solar panels will probably be more affordably manufactured at that point, but we’d argue that you’ll save 10 times as much money by getting solar panels now, boosting your property value, and eliminating your home energy bill.

MYTH: “Solar Panels will raise my property taxes.”

FACT: This is one of the most common misconceptions about solar panels. Yes, solar panels increase your property’s overall value which would, in theory, raise your property taxes. However, the Texas Renewable Energy Systems Property Tax Exemption allows an exemption of up to 100 percent of the amount of the appraised property value increase from the installation of renewable energy products like wind-powered energy or solar panels. This exemption applies to any mainstream solar energy device, including solar panels and solar shingles. To get this exemption, all you have to do is fill out another tax form: the 150-23 “Exemption Application for Solar or Wind-Powered Energy Devices.”


Why Choose APEX for Solar?


Installation. Maintenance. Repair. We do it all.


Our solar specialists use years of experience and technical education to get the job done right.


We use the most efficient and effective solar products on the market.

Benefits of Solar Panels

 Clean Energy Production

Solar panels provide your home with clean, renewable energy lowers your home’s carbon footprint. This energy can be used for a variety of purposes, including normal home electricity, backup generators, solar powered water heaters, outdoor lighting, and even battery storage for vehicles.

 Little to No Maintenance Required

Solar panels are a tried-and-true, set-it-and-forget-it fixture for your home. They’ll stand up to rain, hail, wind, heat, and sun while still producing the optimal amount of energy for your home. We recommend getting your solar panels checked at least one per year, just in case — you never know when something could go wrong!

 Additional Roof Protection

Solar panels can protect existing roof shingles and other roofing fixtures, shielding them from the elements and increasing their lifespan. Solar panels are impact resistant and can handle hail much better than asphalt shingles, which means the areas of your roof protected by solar panels will have a much lower chance of developing roof leaks from hail impact.

 Increased Resale Value

Solar panels can pay for themselves and then some when you put your home on the market. The larger your home is, and the more solar panels you install, the higher your home’s value will be. Aside from the actual numbers, people love the sound of “no energy bills” and “brand new solar panels” when they’re looking to buy a home.


What Can Solar Be Used For?

Solar water heaters are perhaps the most universal solar panel accessories. While they are certainly larger than tankless water heaters, they’re incredibly efficient and can provide homeowners with more than enough hot water while being an environmentally conscious water heating option. This is a must-have if you have more than one 3.1kW solar panel for your home.

If you’ve always wanted a Tesla or hybrid vehicle, but didn’t want to front the money for the cost of charging it, a solar panel system is exactly what you need! Solar panels can store energy in reserve batteries that can be placed in the garage and linked to car charging systems — it’s an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious solution, and it helps you avoid the costs of gasoline, too.

Outdoor lights connected to your solar energy system can illuminate your driveway, front entry, patios, and other spaces to give you added security and livable square footage. Run them all night if you need without spiking your energy bill!

Choose Texas’s Solar Installation Experts

At Apex Home Energy Savings, we’re dedicated to saving you money (it’s in our name, after all) and helping you create a smaller carbon footprint. That’s why we’ve become your local experts in solar panel installation and maintenance. Solar panels are exceptionally useful in a place like Texas — with so much sun, property tax exemptions, affordable housing, and more forward-thinking homeowners than people out of state would expect, the time to go solar is now.

Apex offers a variety of solar setups for your residential or commercial building — we’re happy to create the perfect solar solution for your individual needs. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality, yet affordable solar panel systems that can scale up or down. But most importantly, we’ve been your leader in home energy saving products and services for over 20 years. Don’t wait until solar “gets more efficient” or until “you can afford it.” Now is the best time to get started with solar.


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