A toilet with a weak flush is prone to clogs, backups, and energy inefficiency. If your toilet is older than you are and doesn’t seem to be getting the job done, it might be time for a new toilet in your home — and that’s where Apex Home Energy Savings can help.

The Apex team is happy to provide toilet replacement in Granbury and several other areas in Central Texas so you can avoid toilet clogs and consume less water. Plus, we love the look of a brand new toilet to spruce up your bathroom space!

When should I replace my toilet?

Toilets last a very, very long time — but at a certain point, a replacement is your best option. Consider a replacement if your toilet:

  • Leaks regularly
  • Has bowl or tank cracks
  • Has a weak flush, even after repairs
  • Has stains that can’t be removed
  • Requires regular repairs


Why Choose Apex Home Energy Savings?

Since 1998, Apex Home Energy Savings has replaced toilets for residents of the Lone Star State. If it’s time for a new toilet, give us a call —we’re happy to help you find the perfect toilet for your bathroom space, or install a toilet you’ve already purchased. Schedule your appointment today.

Apex Home Energy Savings is proud to provide toilet replacement or installation in Granbury and Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio, and Austin. Call your local area number for service today.