An old water heater in need of repairs can increase your monthly energy bill by up to 20 percent, and it’ll put you at risk for leaks, home damage, and shockingly cold showers. Don’t wait until your water heater bites the dust — call the professionals to give your water heater the repairs it needs.

Our Water Heater Repair Services

When your Apex technician shows up to your home or business, they’ll perform a thorough inspection of your water heater to identify your problem, fix and replacement components, and perform sweeping maintenance of your entire system. This includes:


  • Sediment Flush
  • Temperature, Pressure Relief Valve, and Expansion Tank Testing
  • Anode Rod Inspection
  • Carbon Monoxide Test

Talk to your technician about other repairs, and consider replacing your water heater with a newer, energy efficient model.


Why Choose Apex Home Energy Savings?

Since 1998, Apex Home Energy Savings has provided water heater installation and repair to people across the Lone Star State. We’re passionate about giving families the best plumbing products, and helping them find easy ways to save money on their monthly energy bills. Schedule an appointment to fix your water heater, and start saving money today.

Apex Home Energy Savings is proud to provide water heater repair in Granbury and Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio, and Austin. Call your local area number for water heater service today.